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How much data is collected with smart metering and is it secure?

Smart meters record the amount of gas and electricity you use every thirty minutes. This information gets stored on your smart meter and is transmitted to your energy supplier.

How often your data is transmitted can change depending on how much you are prepared to share. Your energy supplier can collect:

  • A monthly meter reading without needing to ask you
  • A daily meter reading giving you the ability to opt-out; or
  • A 30 minute meter reading if you opt-in to a service your supplier provides that requires detailed data on your consumption.

Normally this data will be collected after you have used the energy (ie not in real-time) unless there is a specific querry about your bill. For more information, please see the Data Guide for Smart Meters (PDF 70KB).

Making sure that the information generated by smart meters is secure and protecting customer privacy are of the utmost importance for the roll-out of smart meters nationwide. Suppliers and government are working to make sure that smart meter data as secure as possible.

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