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Young Energy Professionals

Young Energy Professionals

Energy UK’s Young Energy Professionals Forum is a place for the next generation of energy industry professionals to meet, network and spread knowledge.

What type of events? The Young Energy Professionals Forum runs quarterly events, discussing topical issues on and off the news agenda - getting everyone talking. The Forum also organises; site visits where attendees can take a look inside a real life working power station; or attendees can hear from industry leaders who offer their top tips for success via our popular mentoring programme, a new addition to the Forum. 

Who attends? Our events attract a wide range of professionals from across different roles within the energy industry. Our events are open to all Young Energy Professionals (10 years in industry or less), Students or those who just have an interest in the industry. 

Our topics?
For each event we choose topics which are relevant and likely to create debate. We select industry leading speakers to give talks on these topics before opening up the floor to debate the issues further. To date we’ve discussed Hinkley point C, fuel poverty, innovation, customer satisfaction, National Grids Balancing Services and energy and infrastructure skills.

Want to know more about our events? Read our event summaries to learn more about whats its like to be a YEP at our forum events and the past topics discussed.

Want to join the YEP Forum? If you are interested in being added to the YEP Forum mailing list, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if you want to engage, network and learn from others, join our LinkedIn group too.

An overview of Young Energy Professionals Forum - 2016

This year has seen the Young Energy Professionals Forum continue its growth, with now over 1,200 members.

The Forum started the year by heading to Edinburgh where young professionals from across the industry attended the YEP Forum to discuss where the value will be found in the GB energy market in coming years. This particular event took place at an opportune time – Amber Rudd’s policy re-set speech had sunken in and several coal-fired plants had announced plans to close early. The next event saw networking and discussions taking centre stage, with the concerns facing the industry from a customer perspective the focus of the evening. It proved of particular value with an array of industry perspectives there to voice the challenges being faced. Mentoring gathered pace with an event in Durham initially, before holding the third forum event of the year with the Fueller’s offering their expertise, knowledge and advice to YEPs. It gave attendees a rare chance to learn first-hand from experienced energy professionals with the particular know-how of what it takes to be a success in the industry. The final event of the year, saw innovation become the emphasis with an interactive exhibitor virtual reality demonstration and a panel from further afield than the energy sector comment on the future role of technology. It was an insight into how companies can approach innovation, the right conditions for innovation and the barriers that are being overcame. 

However, it was not just forum events ran this year, once again site visits were held.  Firstly YEPs visited E.ON's district heating scheme at Cranbrook; the scheme is one of the largest district heating schemes in the UK. Following this the YEPs headed over to the Met office to learn about their long history of weather forecasting and how they have been working in the area of climate change for more than two decades. The second site visit of the year saw YEPs visit Drax in Doncaster; where 40 individuals were able to see the contrast of an old coal power station to the new biomass site, considering the difference in technologies and the huge amount of time and investment in the supply chain that was necessary to make it happen. The final site visit was to SSE’s hydroelectric plant, Sloy. This site visit gave YEPs the opportunity to understand what operating in the market today is like for a Scottish hydroelectric plant which is unique. 

Lastly and by all means not least, June saw the YEP awards return for an evening showcasing every part of the teamwork, success and leadership which makes up the industry. 

See the highlights of the year by reading our summaries or view the images below:

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