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Regardless of the route the UK government takes in its negotiations with the European Union, there will be opportunities and risks for the UK energy industry and its customers.

Energy UK maintains that the UK Government must minimise domestic policy uncertainty in order to encourage continued investment through the implementation of the Electricity Market Reform package. It will be important to retain access to cross-border flows of both gas and electricity, deliver a sensible and proportionate migration system to allow companies to access the skills they need, and continue to price carbon in a way that promotes the continued deployment of low carbon technology. 

Most energy policy that becomes legislation in the UK begins at European Union (EU) level. Energy UK works closely with the Commission, MEPs and other senior figures in the EU, as well as the trade associations Eurelectric and Eurogas which represent all of Europe's energy bodies.

One of the leading policies of the EU was to create a single market for energy. The Third Package is the most recent stage of this legislation and aims to free more of Europe's energy markets.  The Commission is also developing a “New Deal for Energy Consumers” to empower energy consumers and ensure they are more engaged.

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