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What now, as the Rough gas storage facility closes?

This week Centrica announced that it was to close its Rough Gas Storage facility, GB’s only seasonal gas storage facility. It began operations in 1985 and the wells and facilities have reached the end of their design life, following problems in recent years and extensive testing Centrica has decided that it cannot safely return the assets to injection and storage operations.

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Pride in Energy, another step forward for diversity in the industry

For many years the energy industry has been one of a number considered to have a diversity problem. Extensive work has already been done to address this from different angles; Energy UK’s Young Energy Professionals Forum is providing a platform to narrow the age gap across the industry and the Powerful Women network has become an influential and well-supported cross-industry network advancing the work of our women leaders. Energy UK is also looking to set up an HR Leader’s Forum which can drive this positive change across all of the equality movements. 

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Reflecting on my first 6 months at Energy UK

After six months working at Energy UK, it has already become very easy to forget what is considered ‘common knowledge’ and even more difficult to distinguish what information has been absorbed purely over the last six months. You almost become complacent about the level of what you now think of as basic or background knowledge, and realise how differently you regarded the energy industry, if at all, before being immersed in it five days a week. 

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Further co-ordination between codes administrators

Code Governance is not the most high profile area for the energy industry, but is an extremely important one. Energy Industry Codes are the rules that licenced bodies are obligated to comply with, are managed by code administrators and each code has its own self-governance arrangements. By and large, changes to the codes are proposed by industry. 

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