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Energy and Mental Health

Natan Doron reports on the launch event for the new Money Advice Trust report on energy & mental health commissioned by the Energy UK vulnerability group.

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Hitting the target: What the Clean Growth Plan needs to tackle

The fifth carbon budget (requiring a reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of 57% by 2030 across the economy) was agreed by Government in June 2016 - but one year later we are still waiting for the Clean Growth Plan from Government, which will set out how we are going to meet these ambitious targets.

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The challenge of cyber security in the energy industry

The energy industry is going through some momentous changes, including a process of rapid digitalisation reflected in the growing number of devices on the ‘smart grid’ and an increase in the number of ‘prosumers’ able to import and export their own electricity to the grid.

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Protecting against cyber crime – small steps, big challenge

The internet has transformed modern life in the UK; changing the pace of businesses and their interactions and relationships with their customers. Cyber crime continues to be a sophisticated and growing threat to businesses and individuals across the UK. It undermines confidence in our communications technology and our country’s ability to do business, by disrupting the systems which are essential to our economy.

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What now, as the Rough gas storage facility closes?

This week Centrica announced that it was to close its Rough Gas Storage facility, GB’s only seasonal gas storage facility. It began operations in 1985 and the wells and facilities have reached the end of their design life, following problems in recent years and extensive testing Centrica has decided that it cannot safely return the assets to injection and storage operations.

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