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Meet Energy UK’s newest YEP

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. Six weeks to be exact. I am the newest addition to Energy UK and there has been no shortage of work to do! As well as wrapping my head around the constantly growing list of acronyms, I am jointly responsible for the Young Energy Professionals (YEP) Forum at Energy UK. The YEPs produced an Annual Report in 2015 and an objective for this year is to be more engaged with university students. In particular, the YEP Forum would like to communicate to graduates that there are a plethora of different jobs that graduates can do across the energy industry. As a recent graduate, I am well placed to work on this particular objective because I understand the fear of not knowing what comes after graduation.

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Network Code celebrates 20 years

This month marks 20 years since the introduction of the Network Code which replaced the point to point gas transportation contracts and established an entry – exit system. This supported the development of the virtual National Balancing Point as a hub for title trading of wholesale gas. The growth of trading at this hub led to it becoming the most liquid in Europe.  

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A new deal for energy consumers?

On 23-24 February, the European Commission organised its eighth annual Citizens’ Energy Forum, also known as the ‘London Forum’. Attendees included national ministries and regulators, consumer organisations (BEUC, Citizens’ Advice) as well as suppliers’ trade associations (Eurelectric, Eurogas and Energy UK).

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Pathways to the future

Here in the UK, we rely on electricity to flow at the flick of a switch. So, it’s easy to overlook and underestimate the complexity of the market that allows it to happen. In order for the electricity sector to operate effectively, it is important industry and government work together putting in place long-term policy that meets the needs of today and supports the innovation needed to deliver the electricity for tomorrow.

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