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The changing energy retail market

The energy retail market is changing. Switching is at a two year high, there are over 30 suppliers in the market, consumers are more satisfied with their energy suppliers than they were 18 months ago and there’s plenty of work going on to drive further improvements for energy customers.

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Amber to green in energy policy reset?

It was the moment the industry has been waiting for, the Secretary of State’s ‘reset’ speech setting out the government’s energy policy vision. To the disappointment of energy policy geeks like myself, Amber Rudd started by saying “I want energy policy to be boring” but the ensuring speech was anything but. 

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Simplifying the business tax energy efficiency landscape

UK businesses are encouraged to operate in a more environmentally-friendly way by a number of policies encompassing tax, regulation and voluntary schemes. They aim to encourage the uptake of energy efficiency and low carbon measures while improving business productivity and supporting growth. Among these, the Climate Change Levy (CCL), which was introduced in 2001, is levied on the supply of energy to business and public sector consumers and aims to incentivise businesses to reduced energy consumption. 

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Home Heat Helpline – Share the Warmth

My Mum is a pensioner and, as she's partially sighted, spends a lot of time at home.

Don't get me wrong, she's fit and well and loves nothing more than working in her garden before sitting down with a well-deserved glass of something to peer at a gruesome murder mystery on ITV3.

When she settles in for the afternoon she puts on her heating and maybe boosts the temperature with a burst of her gas fire. As the nights draw in, her house is lit up - much easier when your eyesight is poor.

She doesn't give it a moment’s thought.

But Mum is one of the lucky ones. 

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