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About us

The voice of the energy industry

We are the trade association for the UK energy industry with over 100 members covering the breadth of the sector including suppliers, generators, aggregators, flexibility providers, electric vehicle charging operators and software companies.

We work with the sector, government, regulators and wider stakeholders to champion a sustainable UK energy industry.

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Our vision is a sustainable energy sector in which our customers receive excellent services at affordable prices, our infrastructure powers the zero-carbon economy, and where our UK industry is both successful today and able to invest for tomorrow.

About us 

Energy UK is the UK’s largest and most diverse energy trade association, representing companies leading on modernising and decarbonising the whole system to those focused on developing better products and services for consumers. The range of expertise within our company and across our membership means we’re able to take a holistic view across the whole energy system when advising on policy and advocating for change.

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How we work

We are a source of expert advice on industry matters to our members, key stakeholders, decision-makers and the media.

We bring together specialists from across the sector to support policy-makers develop ambitious and considered changes towards Net Zero that are grounded in real world experience. Our breadth of membership supports knowledgable decisions by identifying opportunities, risks and trade-offs at an early stage.

Our advocacy work is informed by our wide committee structure, in which members provide insight and debate.

  • We provide evidence and insight to promote the development of proportionate and predictable policy and regulatory interventions.

  • We coordinate messaging across Energy UK policy areas to ensure an effective approach to communications and campaigns.

  • We collaborate with other associations and groups where feasible, desirable, and appropriate.

  • We work across the devolved nations where appropriate and are mindful of the impact UK Government policy will have on consumers in each nation when it differs.

  • We seek continued cooperation between the UK and European energy markets.

  • We align our work with the statutory Net Zero by 2050 target, UK carbon budgets, and plans for the protection of UK sustainability and biodiversity.

  • We advocate for a fair and just transition to Net Zero with protections for consumers who need it, and skills and jobs considered as part of the transition.

  • We ensure our activities contribute towards improving Equity, Diversity and Inclusion across the sector.

Our members

An effective, principled trade association is essential for a successful sector. We work to ensure a broad and powerful membership body to ensure our views are not narrowed or sectional.

As the sector’s largest trade association, we represent the diverse nature of the UK’s energy industry. Our members deliver nearly 80% of the UK’s power generation and over 95% of the energy supply for the 28 million UK homes and many businesses. Our members include established FTSE 100 companies as well as growing start-ups across the energy, heat, transport and technology sectors.

Our Board

The Energy UK Board governs the organisation and advises on strategic direction. We’re able to draw on the experience of some of the top executives in the industry from a broad range of companies to shape Energy UK’s work in advocating for positive change.

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Our culture

We work hard to ensure Energy UK has an inclusive culture that is collaborative and values diverse perspectives. We’re proud to hold a Gold Investors in People accreditation and offer many benefits and family-friendly policies.