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About us

Our Members

Energy UK’s ability to effectively represent the industry derives from building and maintaining a broad membership that equips us to speak on behalf of the sector.

What kind of companies do we represent?

  • icon retail

    Retail supply companies

    We represent companies that supply energy to over 95% of UK homes as well as many businesses.

  • icon blk electricity

    Electricity generators

    Our members deliver nearly 80% of the UK’s power generation, through wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, biomass and gas generation

  • icon blk money


    Companies that share our determination to ensure that the UK investment environment facilitates the delivery of our transition to Net Zero.

  • icon blk technology

    Technology firms

    Innovative technologies will be needed in the low carbon transition, we link up companies that are helping to drive the digitalisation of our sector.

  • icon blk smart

    Flexibility and storage providers

    We represent some of the leading innovators and market leaders on low carbon flexibility from consumer demand-side response to battery developers to long-duration storage.

  • icon blk charging

    Electric vehicles

    Our membership includes EV charging providers as well as those offering bundled services surrounding this technology.

  • icon blk smartmeter


    With members from heat pump, heat network, hybrid, and gas boiler markets, we represent the full breadth of the transition to low carbon heat.

  • icon blk pylon

    Electricity system operation and transmission

    We represent both National Grid ESO, responsible for balancing GB power, and National Grid Electricity Transmission, which owns and maintains the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales.

  • icon blk consultant


    Firms that specialise in advising on energy benefit from our wide range of expertise and connections.

  • icon blk charity


    Having organisations that have consumers at their heart as part of our membership ensures our advocacy work always considers how it will affect the people that use energy.

  • icon blk oil

    We don’t represent upstream oil and gas markets

    Energy UK does not represent upstream oil and gas markets. Whilst some of our members are active in oil and gas extraction, we do not represent these parts of their business in our work, instead agreeing on specific business activities such as renewables.  

  • icon blk networks

    We don’t represent Distribution Network Operators

    Energy UK does not represent Distribution Network Operators or Gas Distribution Networks – Network Operators are represented by the Energy Networks Association.