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Our values

Our culture is reflected in our values, which give a common purpose and direction for the organisation. They guide the way we engage with each other, members and stakeholders at all levels and set out clearly what is expected.

We have integrity 

  • We lead by example, building trust through the development of honest, fair, balanced and evidence-led positions.  
  • We are reliable and dependable, and keep our word.

We are inclusive

  • We make people feel welcome and valued for their contributions.
  • We treat all people with kindness and provide equal access to opportunities and our resources. 
  • We provide support where it is needed and actively work to increase diversity of all kinds.

We work collaboratively

  • We encourage input from a wide range of voices. 
  • We foster teamwork and share tasks. 
  • We allow space, and provide support for new opportunities. 
  • We are approachable and considerate, and encourage challenge. 

We are ambitious 

  • We are tenacious and strive for excellence in everything we do. 
  • We celebrate success and nurture talent. 
  • We are bold, and allow space for creative solutions and to challenge the status quo.