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Energy UK
Charles House
5-11 Regent Street

See Energy UK's Regent Street office location map.

Phone: 020 7930 9390

Media contacts

For media enquiries, please call 020 7747 2959.

Journalists can also email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Energy UK on social media

  Energy UK  @energyukcomms  

Energy UK does not cold call

Energy UK does not cold call members of the public.  You should never give out personal information to people who call out of the blue. It is always best to independently verify any numbers of details you are given - by checking with directory inquiries, a recognised website or from details on your energy bill – before calling back if you are then sure of the caller’s identity.

Some organisations have been calling under our name to sell energy-related products, this is not in any way authorised by Energy UK and any calls should be referred to the Information Commissioner's Office.

Customer enquiries or complaints

Please note that Energy UK does not handle individual customer enquiries or complaints. To complain about an energy company, please contact the company directly.

How to report energy theft

If you know someone is stealing energy, you can contact the UK Revenue Protection Association anonymously to report it.

Contact the UKRPA.


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