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Energy UK


Please note that Energy UK is not an energy company, it is the trade association for the energy industry. We do not handle individual customer enquiries or complaints. If you are a customer, please view our information for customers.

Media enquiries

For media enquiries please get in touch with our press team via the contact details below. Outside office hours, these will direct you to the on-call press officer.

Please note that these contact details are for media only and Energy UK cannot assist with or respond to individual customer enquiries or complaints, or student enquiries.

Tel: 020 7747 2959


Emergency contacts

  • icon blk gas

    Gas emergencies

    If you have a gas emergency including a gas leak or interrupted supply, call the 24 hour gas emergency helpline on 0800 111 999

    This number should only be used in emergencies, using it outside of an emergency could prevent other people getting through.

  • icon blk power cut

    Power cut?

    Call 105

    It’s free and connects you to your local network company. If you’re in Northern Ireland, call 03457 643643.

    You can also visit to report a power cut and for more information on power disruption, including who your local network company is.