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The unprecedented cost of gas due to the global energy crisis has pushed prices up for customers and increased the pressure on energy retail suppliers. We need a sustainable retail market which is vital to provide this essential service at the lowest cost. Since August 2021, 30 suppliers have exited the market, and more supplier failures will lead to higher bills.

Despite rising costs and increased pressure, energy suppliers continue to increase the support they provide to customers, including additional funding for customers in fuel poverty. All major retail suppliers have their own funds, independently managed by fund administrators or in partnership with consumer bodies like Citizens Advice.  

UK Suppliers provide discretionary support of around £54 million on top of the more than £1 billion in mandatory schemes they deliver every year.  These mandatory schemes are to help people struggling with energy bills. This includes the funding for the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and the Warm Home Discount (WHD). 

Suppliers have a range of support for customers which they put into place at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and have committed to continuing including: 

  • Payment holidays 
  • Restructured payment plans 
  • Credit advances to customers on pre-payment meters 
  • Recognising that a growing number of customers will require support, many suppliers have increased customer service resource, from hiring more front-line advisors to setting up dedicated affordability support teams. 

Energy UK has been working with its members to share good practice across industry and provide practical tools for retail suppliers to help them serve their customers, given the rising pressure on customer service amidst the ongoing economic situation: 

  • The Customer Service Good Practice Guidance 2022  was produced following a roundtable with Energy UK’s members, Citizens Advice and representatives from the finance industry who shared information and insights from customer service in financial markets. The report is a summary of what we’ve learnt through this process. It is intended to promote good customer service practices. Whilst sharing these ideas is valuable, one size does not fit all and tailored approaches are becoming ever more necessary. 
  • Energy UK’s Vulnerability Commitment is a set of principles and commitments from energy suppliers to support customers in vulnerable circumstances in addition to existing industry regulations. The Vulnerability Commitment is open to all energy suppliers, and aims to drive continuous improvement in support for customers in vulnerable circumstances based on three key principles: Accessibility, Collaboration and Innovation. The Vulnerability Commitment Good Practice Summary 2022 highlights where signatories to Energy UK’s Vulnerability Commitment link are doing exceptionally innovative or noteworthy work. 

Examples of supplier customer support by company:

Last updated: 11/10/2023.

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E.ON Next 

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