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  • Before you switch

    Are you on the best deal with your existing supplier?

    Contact your existing supplier to find out if you are on the best energy deal for you or if they could offer you a better deal.

  • How to switch

    Make sure you have your latest energy bill to hand to help you compare energy deals

    Before you compare the market, you’ll need to know your energy consumption and how much you are paying.

    You’ll find all the information you need on your latest bill or Annual Statement. If you don’t have this at hand, contact your energy company.

    After you’ve given your supplier the information they need, they should switch you within 15 working days. If it’s been more than 15 working days and you don’t think you have been switched, contact the new supplier to check they have the information they need.

  • What kind of energy deal is right for you?

    Before you switch, think about what is important to you. This could be the cheapest deal, the best customer service, environmentally friendly tariff or a flexible deal that lets you change provider at any time without paying a termination fee.

    You will find some great advice from the Citizens Advice website.

  • Compare the market

    Now that you have all the information to hand, you can compare the market by using an accredited energy comparison website or the Citizens Advice comparison tool.

  • Switch to the best energy deal for your needs

    When you’ve found the right deal for you, simply contact the provider that you have chosen, either via their website or by phone or use an accredited energy comparison website. Once notified, your new provider will set up your new account.

  • Faster Switching

    Energy suppliers can now offer customers the opportunity to switch within 5 working days.

  • Energy Switch Guarantee

    Some suppliers have signed up to Energy UK’s Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG) which means they go above and beyond what they are required to do by regulation.