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Information for customers

The Radio Teleswitch Service switch-off: What you need to know

By 30 June 2025, the Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS) will end as it is reaching the end of its operational life. RTS is also known as Dynamic Teleswitch Service (DTS). The switch off will affect energy customers that have an RTS meter in their home, and may mean that their heating and hot water supply stops functioning as normal.

Ofgem, the energy regulator for Great Britain, expects energy suppliers to replace all RTS meters before the service ends in June 2025

Don’t worry, if you have an RTS or DTS meter, you can upgrade to a smart meter. Smart meters are the only technical replacement for RTS meters because they can be programmed to deliver a similar service. Get in contact with your electricity supplier to find out when they can install your new meter.

The Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS) uses a radio signal to tell some older electricity meters when to switch between peak and off-peak rates. There are just over 900,000 RTS meters in Great Britain. RTS is used for some traditional multi-rate meters and was designed to support those who use electricity for their heating and hot water. This may include those who use electric storage systems, panel heaters or immersion heaters in water tanks – some of which typically charge up overnight.

RTS allows energy suppliers to offer different tariff rates; so that consumers can make use of cheaper off-peak tariffs to charge their heating and/or hot water systems up overnight.

RTS was introduced in the 1980s, and is now reaching the end of its natural operational life. This means that the equipment that produces the radio signal can’t be adequately maintained anymore.

The 2025 deadline

RTS is an industry-wide service. All electricity suppliers are contacting impacted customers to offer them a smart meter upgrade before the RTS service ends on 30 June 2025.

If you’re not sure whether you have an RTS meter, there are a few things you can look out for:

If you’re unsure if you have RTS equipment, contact your electricity supplier who will be able to confirm for you.

Your supplier will be able to tell you which tariffs are available to you. They should offer a tariff that is suitable for the hot water and/or heating set up in your home.

If you think you have RTS equipment in your home or business, or you’re unsure, contact your electricity supplier. They will let you know whether you have an RTS meter, and when you can get your smart meter upgrade.

If you decide not to upgrade, the heating and/or hot water provisions in your home or business could be affected. You may find that your heating and/or hot water is continually left on or off, or the charging-up happens at the wrong time of day. Your electricity supplier won’t be able to confirm how much electricity you have used during peak or off-peak times, which means your electricity costs could be much higher than before.

A smart meter will give you a similar service to your RTS meter. You should speak to your supplier to find out more.

Smart meters can be programmed to deliver a similar service to RTS. With a smart meter:

Image of a smart meter
  • you’ll get accurate bills based on the energy you’ve actually used, not an estimate
  • meter readings are submitted automatically, so there’s no need to manually submit your energy readings
  • you can keep a closer eye on how much energy you’re using and how much you’re spending
  • you can see where you might be able to save energy, for example by turning the heating down when you don’t need it or switching the TV off at the wall
  • you’ll have access to ‘smart meter only’ tariffs

There are some situations where your electricity supplier won’t be able to offer you an appointment for a smart meter upgrade just yet. If that’s the case, your supplier will get in touch when they are ready to upgrade your meter.

To find out more about RTS, click the links below:


Citizens Advice:

Energy Networks Association: programmes/radio-teleswitch

To upgrade your RTS meter, contact your electricity supplier who will be able to tell you when you can have a smart meter installed.