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Tuesday 11 June 2024

EDI conference 2024 web banner
  • EDI Plus Logo

    EDI Plus

  • Ignite Network

    IGNITE Network+

  • Lexxic logo


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    Lexxic are leaders in empowering neurodiversity. A specialist psychological consultancy, we believe that all minds belong. So, it is our mission to inspire a world that supports and values the talents of neurodivergent minds, empowering individuals to be their best selves. 

    We partner with individuals, teams and organisations around the world to make a positive difference; creating Neurodiversity SmartÒ workplace cultures, high impact programmes and delivering psychological support services to neurodivergent talent. We support individuals with neurodifferences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia (DCD), dyscalculia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum condition (ASC), cognitive functioning difficulties and mental health. 

    Our support services include Diagnostic Assessments, as well as Screening Assessments, Workplace Needs Assessments, One-to-One Coaching, Awareness Sessions, and e-Learning solutions. 

    Having partnered with over 750 organisations each year, our in-house specialist team of Chartered and Occupational Psychologists have considerable real-life and lived experience of neurodiversity. This experience and expertise allows us to tailor and adapt our services and solutions to meet your specific needs. 

    For more information please visit:  

  • Men for Inclusion logo

    Men for Inclusion

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    Passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Men for Inclusion
    revolutionises workplace cultures. Men for Inclusion’s proven ADUCE model engages men, leaders, and culture carriers for tangiblebusiness benefits.

    Going beyond diversity metrics, Men for Inclusion measures and works to close the lived experience gapto ensure true cultural transformation. The DEI experts have worked with executive leadership teams tohelp define DEI as a strategic change programme, positively impacting thousands of employees.

    Established in 2021 by Mark Freed and Gary Ford, Men for Inclusion emerged from frustration with slowprogress on inclusion across all industries. The mission: to empower men in majority groups to championinclusion for social and economic benefits. We’re expediting enduring change by engaging more men inadvocating for diversity and inclusion.

  • Murray McIntosh

    Policy by Murray

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    Murray McIntosh are a specialist Policy and Public Affairs recruitment consultancy. We work extensively across Trade/ Membership Bodies, as well with as organisations in Industry, Government Agencies, Charities and Academia. For several years, the strategic priorities of the energy industry have been an increasingly high-profile topic to policymakers and this space has been a key area of focus; our experience and network have provided rounded insight into the existing initiatives as well as historic and current challenges.

    Our consultants are committed to levelling the playing field and providing opportunities for every candidate to access and excel in the recruitment process. Our tools and practices are the difference between pledging to support EDI initiatives, and taking tangible actions to make them a reality.

  • POWERful Women logo300x300

    POWERful Women

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    POWERful Women is a professional initiative working for a gender-balanced, diverse and inclusive energy sector. Our goal is for women to be in at least 40% of middle management and leadership roles in the UK energy sector by 2030. We do this in three ways: challenge the sector and energy leaders (for example, publishing annual board statistics and engaging with the Energy Leaders’ Coalition), support the professional development of women (for example, through our mentoring programme,) and provide practical support to companies to improve their diversity and inclusion and connect through events and networking.

    Visit for more information.

  • Pride in Energy logo

    Pride in Energy

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    The industry’s Pride in Energy network is a diversity forum and network for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTQ+) members of the energy industry and their allies.

    The Pride in Energy network was created in response to a need for an organisation to address LGBTQ+ issues in the energy industry.

  • TIDE logo

    Tackling Inclusion and Diversity in Energy (TIDE) Taskforce

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    TIDE Taskforce is an industry-wide initiative to improve inclusion and diversity across the energy sector, supported by Energy UK, ENA, the Energy Institute and Ofgem. 

    Its aim is to combine cross-sector EDI insights and evidence to inform robust outcomes, building on experience and expertise to share best practice and support industry-wide changes.  

    Follow TIDE on LinkedIn for the latest news and events 

    After an open application process, over 40 people are now involved across various working and delivery groups​. A key principle that will be maintained as activity progresses, is that the Taskforce will leverage existing activity and resources to supercharge EDI improvements across the sector, not duplicate. 

  • YEP Forum Logo

    Young Energy Professionals (YEP) Forum

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    The Young Energy Professionals (YEP) Forum promotes and inspires the next generation of energy industry leaders, providing opportunities to connect, develop and recognise success. We run insightful events and initiatives that cover the whole spectrum of the energy industry. 

    Join the Forum to hear from industry leaders offering their insight on pressing issues, learn about how to progress your own career and meet like-minded people from across the energy sector.