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Membership at Energy UK

Joining Energy UK opens the door to companies to becoming part of the most dynamic, leading energy industry body in Great Britain. Energy UK is at the forefront of national energy policy development and input from our membership is sought at the most senior political levels. We provide highly respected, expert analysis and advice to our members on policy, regulation and communications. We also provide strong and well tested industry representation in the media, to policy makers and across the wider policy community.

Full membership

Full membership is open to firms which generate or supply energy, of provide other services like demand side flexibility. Full members can join relevant Energy UK Committees and groups so they can play a role in developing our policies and positions.

Sub-categories are:

Retail - for active energy suppliers;
Generation – for active generators of energy; and
New Energy Services and Heat – for those commercially active in energy services, including providing flexibility, operating EV chargepoints or Heat Networks, and selling energy services or bundled products.

Associate membership

Associate membership is open to companies which supply services to the energy industry. These range from accountancy firms to logistics suppliers and parts manufacturers. Associates receive from Energy UK a wide range of energy information and insight. They also enjoy other member benefits which include discounts to events and access to Energy UK’s wider member family.

Member and stakeholder groups and roundtables

Throughout the year members may join and participate in a number of different groups. The aim is to bring a mix of companies and stakeholders together to discuss key issues of the moment as well as helping address future strategies. Previous events have included roundtables with senior representatives from across the political party spectrum and a diverse mix of industry participants. Energy UK also runs various events aimed at those with sectorial responsibilities. For example we run meetings specifically for finance directors to give them a platform to discuss common policy issues.

The challenges faced by industrial and commercial business – as well as SME’s are often very different from those facing domestic operators. Energy UK meets this need and adds value to its membership through the organisations’ support for the Business Energy Forum and its broad mix of participants.

Our committees

Our committees and working groups give our members a voice. The Energy UK committee structure provides the framework for members to work together and make working-level decisions. Four main committees report to the Energy UK Board. Each are made up of sub-committees and working groups which help develop policy and, in their own right, engage actively with government, policy-makers and stakeholders. Full members can sit on any relevant committee while associate members may be invited to provide particular expertise and insight.

For more information about Energy UK membership, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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