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About your bill

Energy companies want to make their bills easier to understand, and are working with the Government and Ofgem, the regulator, to constantly improve them. They are planning to use simple and consistent language, and want to bring in a list explaining energy terms.

What's in your energy bill

Your energy bill contains:

  • The amount of energy used during a certain period of time
  • The amount of money owed (if paying by Direct Debit there should be details of monthly payments that have been made during the billing period)
  • The energy company's contact details in case of any questions or complaints
  • Information on how much energy was used during the same time the year before

How often you get your bill depends on how you have chosen to pay for your energy.

Annual Statements

Since July 2010, energy companies have been supplying Annual Statements to their customers. These statements contain the following information to let customers know more about their energy tariff and how they can switch:

  • The name of your current tariff
  • The amount of energy you have used in the last 12 months
  •  An estimate of your usage for the next year
  •  Details of any premium or discount that applies to your tariff when compared to your company's standard monthly direct debit tariff
  •  A reminder that you can switch supplier, with signposting to independent advice on how to go about it

Find out how to switch energy suppliers.

A changing retail energy market

Changes in retail within the energy market have had an effect on:

  • Consumer choice
  • Energy efficiency
  • Consumer value
  • A decrease in number of complaints

For more information, download our factsheet here.


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