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Energy UK has always strived to drive forward positive change in the industry, including to make it a moreiverse and inclusive sector.  In light of the Black Lives Matters rallies in the UK and globally, and inequalities that remain within the sector, that we must go further, particularly in terms of increasing the representation of BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) people.

We will be creating the ‘Diversity in Energy Speakers Directory to highlight the plethora of experts from BAME backgrounds from right across the energy sector – drawing on our members and beyond – in generation to retail and new energy services such as heat, transport and smart systems flexibility. 


We want to highlight experts – from engineers to communications leaders, policy experts to campaigners – to help support event organisers and media outlets to broaden the range of voices and better represent people within the sector from BAME backgrounds.   We also hope this will help provide greater visibility for the BAME talent we have in the energy sector – an sector in the middle of an exciting transition and at the forefront of driving decarbonisation across the economy.

The energy sector is in transition to a low carbon energy system and if we want to meet our Net Zero target by 2050 we believe we will need a broad range of skills and the increase innovation that comes from a more diverse talent pool.  It is crucial that experts and voices from ethnic minorities are equally heard and better represented in the debate - from big industry conferences to media interviews. We believe that as a sector we can do better and this directory is a first small step in the right direction.

Get involved!

Sign up!  We would love to highlight as many speakers from across the sector from BAME groups.  We would also welcome your support in sharing news of the directory within your organisation to encourage colleagues to sign up, and share the directory via your social channels and networks using the hashtag #DiversityinEnergy

If you would like to register or get involved in this project please get in touch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



If you are looking for speakers on climate change, have a look at 'The Climate Reframe project' which highlights some of the best Black, Brown, Asian, People of Colour and UK based Indigenous Peoples who are climate experts, campaigners and advocates living and working in the UK.

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