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Fraud prevention

Energy suppliers take fraud and crime seriously and want to do what they can to help protect their customers. Energy suppliers will have approaches in place (and staff will be trained) to recognise and handle fraud.

As an industry, we are keen for all customers to know what they should be able to expect from their energy supplier for the four main ways suppliers interact with them:

When a meter reader or a smart meter installer visits your home:

You can verify their identity

  • Meter readers or smart meter installers carry visible identification such as a badge and sometimes wear the uniform of your supplier.
  • If you are concerned, do not hesitate to call your supplier to confirm their identity.

You can request additional security

  • You may also be able to agree with your supplier to set a password up (also valid on phone calls) for additional security.

When you call your supplier:

Energy suppliers will verify your identity

  • Suppliers need to make sure they're speaking to authorised account holders so will ask you a couple of security questions. They will not ask for account passwords or security codes related to bank accounts or other payment cards. Account details will only be disclosed with the account holder once their identity has been verified.

Energy suppliers will never ask for the passwords or security details of your bank accounts or cards.

When you receive a call from your supplier:

Be cautious

  • Just because someone knows your bank details, it doesn't mean they're genuine, so be mindful of who you trust and don't be afraid to ask them questions to verify their identity.

When you receive an e-mail from your supplier:

The e-mail will not ask for your personal details except where previously arranged;
The e-mail will only be addressed to the account holder or a nominated individual;

  • Where appropriate, your supplier will ensure that their e-mails contain your reference number.

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Energy UK also supports International Fraud Awareness Week

In addition, Energy UK supports the aims of the Take 5 and CyberAware campaigns to help prevent fraud and keep consumers safe online.

For more information on these campaigns, see the links below.

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