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Health and Safety

Maintaining Health and Safety standards across all activities is critical to the industry. From our generators through to our suppliers, our members are committed to the highest standards of health and safety.  

Whether through monitoring trends, developing best practice or guidance on regulation or legislation implementation, we work with members to ensure the energy industry's workforce is safe and healthy at work.

We have two main health and safety working groups, Generation and Retail groups. These ensure that the two distinct aspects of our members’ work are considered fully and appropriately.

We have a number of sub groups which work on specific aspects of safety including: a road safety group, safety rules group, and fire safety group.

The Safety Leaders Group oversee this work, looking for risks and opportunities to further raise standards by challenging industry in both a top down and bottom up manner.

Energy UK encourage all members to contribute as much as they can to sharing and developing health and safety policy.

Working across partner organisations

Energy UK contribute to a wide range of partner organisations work on health and safety.

  • Energy UK contributes to the Health and Safety Executive's ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well’ strategy which aims to protect our workforce through management of risk, supporting innovation and increasing productivity. 
  • We are a part of the ‘Powering Improvement’ strategy which brings together networks, trade unions and Energy UK members to address a host of Health and Safety risks ensuring the UK energy industry continues to be a world leader in Health and Safety performance.
  • We also work closely with other industry stakeholders and government bodies including the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Public Health England (PHE) and Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) to ensure our members are as well-equipped as possible to allow for the above to take place.
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