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The energy sector is a big contributor to the UK economy and invest in low carbon technologies to optimise the system.

Investment in the energy sector is a necessity to continue the progression towards a low carbon economy. Investment into more efficient and low carbon generation will not only improve the UK’s energy security, but provide health benefits with cleaner air and a more diverse generation mix. Our Energy in the UK report shows that:

  • The energy sector created £86.6bn in economic activity during 2018
  • The industry delivered £13.1bn of investment during the same period
  • In 2018, the energy sector supported 620,000 jobs across the UK - equivalent to 1 in 46 jobs in the UK
  • Since 1990 the power sector has lowered CO2 emissions by 68%
  • Over 14 millions smart meters have been installed so far according to BEIS Smart Meters statistics (Q1)
  • Over 19,000  UK charge points for electric vehicles     

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