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EDF Energy - London Warm Zone

London Warm Zone - saving money, improving comfort, maximising income for the vulnerable

Trevor and Olive Richards, who received help to improve their home, said: "Before London Warm Zones called, our home was coal heated and carrying the coal from the cellar became increasingly difficult as time went on. London Warm Zone and EDF Energy installed a new gas supply, central heating and loft insulation which has made such a difference. I would absolutely recommend anyone who's having problems with heating their homes to get in touch - you might be surprised at how much they can help."

  • The London Warm Zone scheme was established by EDF Energy in 2001 and has been since been rolled out across 24 London boroughs. This is a community programme that tackles the challenges of fuel poverty and climate change.
  • The scheme works by identifying the most vulnerable people in society through a systematic door-to-door assessment process, and providing them with grants for energy saving home improvements such as insulation, regardless of income.
  • More than 200,000 assessments have been carried out, helping people in around 50,000 homes and leading to an investment of £30 million.
  • The scheme has allowed residents to claim £8 million worth of benefits by helping them claim all that they are entitled to.

Find out more about London Warm Zone on the EDF Energy website.


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