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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in energy Conference 2022

Energy UK, Ofgem and Energy Networks Association (ENA) were thrilled to have hosted industry’s third consecutive flagship Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Conference on 30 June 2022.

Sponsored by Accenture, the event brought together leading professionals from across the energy industry and provided a platform to share knowledge, experience, and best practice to drive lasting change in the sector and beyond.

The full programme covered a wide variety of cross-cutting issues including: 

  • EDI Changemakers in Industry: how individuals have driven change within their organisations and how to deliver positive outcomes
  • Senior Leadership: how important it is to drive diversity from the top and accelerate momentum for a more inclusive workforce  
  • Crises: how crises impact the most disadvantaged in our society and what actions can be made to help change this
  • Transgender and non-binary awareness: how inclusion of transgender, non-binary and gender diversity is crucial to any workforce

To ensure the objectives of the conference continue to remain a priority, an EDI Taskforce of changemakers across the energy industry was launched at the event: Tackling Inclusion and Diversity in Energy (TIDE). TIDE’s aim is to combine cross-sector EDI insights and evidence to drive an industry-wide approach to diversity within energy. It will report to the three partner CEOs to ensure robust outcomes, and interactive sessions at the conference fed into shaping the work of the taskforce further.

Find more information on the TIDE Taskforce here.

Energy UK’s is committed to show leadership and increase inclusion and diversity within the energy sector. Find out more about Energy UK’s Equality and Diversity Forum here.

Read our brochure on some of the positive steps being taken by the energy industry in equality, diversity and inclusion. Find the brochure here.

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