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Smart metering to deliver effective demand side response to consumers

Delivering the benefits of smart metering and domestic demand side response to consumers is a significant challenge faced by Energy UK and our members. Whether we are talking about connected homes, or domestic demand side response, the smart meter programme will deliver real benefits to consumers.

Economy 7 is the first and only widely used form of domestic demand side response (DSR) with its 7-hour night rate which is 60-65% lower than the norm. Economy 7 has proven incredibly successful with a significant number of consumers signing up to the tariff.

Energy UK and our members have been working to capitalise on the smart meter roll-out to provide technical and billing solutions able to make the most of the platform that smart provides, for the benefit of consumers. We expect there to be significant take up in Time of Use Tariffs and this will drive competition between suppliers.  

The Smart Electricity Consumer; Developing Domestic DSR event hosted by SmartGridGB and Sustainability First at TechUK was a prime example of industry parties working together to deliver on these projects. By collaborating with some of the biggest and best technical companies in the UK and worldwide, Energy UK and its members continue to work towards the delivery of effective, efficient domestic demand side response.



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