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Smart, connected homes

One of the greatest opportunities provided by the smart metering roll-out is the combination of technologies and devices which together create the connected home. The Internet of Things and other similar campaigns have generated interest in this area and we’re now seeing  devices in the homes of every-day customers, not just technology enthusiasts.

Realising the full benefits of smart metering is dependent on customers changing behaviour and through a variety of very different new platforms this is becoming even easier. These new systems use groups of devices and data varying from weather forecasting, mobile phone apps, and location-based tracking. In doing so they help deliver efficiencies and help  customers to take action to lower  their energy usage, moving towards smart technology-enabled demand side response. With Wi-Fi and radio-enabled like washing machines already on the market it’s clear that connected homes will become more important to UK energy consumers.  

What’s more, these smart metering systems and new in-home devices will work together thanks to the newly formed SMDA Co. Set up by Energy UK in partnership with BEAMA and the EUA, this company’s assurance regime will make sure that all these new devices will work together. Find out more information about the SMDA scheme.


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