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What to look for from graduate schemes in the energy sector

Almost every other university student will be aiming to enrol on a graduate scheme. These programmes offer great opportunities for graduates through a structured period of training and development. Some schemes last for 12 months whilst others offer up to a 36 month training periods.  Graduate schemes are most commonly offered by large employers looking for potential young talents to join their organisations. 
Here are five things you should carefully consider when choosing an appropriate graduate scheme to apply for:
  1. Look for a graduate scheme which lets you travel through the company.  This means that you will be able to choose the area in which to specialise according to your experience, skills and enjoyment.
  2. Try to choose and apply to schemes in companies which have been listed in the times 100 best companies to work for. These will offer the best opportunities for professional development and great working environments. 
  3. Look for company retention rates. If a business recruits around 20 graduates yet only 5 remain following completion of their scheme this may signal company issues. 
  4. Consider organisations who provide internal mentors to help you through the process. These companies often tend to have better retention rates which speaks for itself.
  5. Most importantly, look for an organisation which provides a programme which best suits you. You should have a direct interest in the profession and a desire to work for the companies to which you apply.

If you are unsure what to look for when considering your degree government based websites like can prove a useful tool to find your potential profession. Bear in mind that graduate schemes are going to have an often highly competitive application process. Make sure that you give your application enough time and attention to maximise your chances against those of other applicants. 

If you are considering a graduate scheme in the energy sector Opus Energy, a business electricity supplier, is currently offering graduate scheme positions for next year. 
However, graduate schemes are not well suited for everybody. As a graduate you will have many vacancies and opportunities available to you such as entry level positions and apprentice schemes.


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