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Meet Energy UK’s newest YEP

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. Six weeks to be exact. I am the newest addition to Energy UK and there has been no shortage of work to do! As well as wrapping my head around the constantly growing list of acronyms, I am jointly responsible for the Young Energy Professionals (YEP) Forum at Energy UK. The YEPs produced an Annual Report in 2015 and an objective for this year is to be more engaged with university students. In particular, the YEP Forum would like to communicate to graduates that there are a plethora of different jobs that graduates can do across the energy industry. As a recent graduate, I am well placed to work on this particular objective because I understand the fear of not knowing what comes after graduation.

We hosted our first YEP Student workshop at Durham University on 4 May which was a huge success. It was clear that students who have an interest in energy don’t know what options are available to them in the energy industry. A key point coming from the YEP student workshop was that within the energy industry, there are many different jobs across many different areas, all of which require different skills and knowledge which students aren’t aware of.  It is my experience that students do not realise how vast our sector is, and they do not understand what jobs and what area is best suited to them. Only when you join the energy industry you realise just how many opportunities are available and that graduate schemes are not your only option.

It seems as though very few companies will take risks and hire new graduates without experience in the sector which was also flagged at the YEP student workshop in Durham. However this is not the case everywhere, and by exploring the whole supply chain students should be able to take advantage of the opportunities that are not as obvious.

For me, as someone who also did not know what I wanted to do and who loves learning, a place like Energy UK is perfect. I am able to dip into various parts of the supply chain and learn about retail, finance, networks, communications and project development every day. Focusing on getting university students engaged with the energy industry is an objective that is close to my heart and I am excited about working on this in the coming months.


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