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Pride in Energy, another step forward for diversity in the industry

For many years the energy industry has been one of a number considered to have a diversity problem. Extensive work has already been done to address this from different angles; Energy UK’s Young Energy Professionals Forum is providing a platform to narrow the age gap across the industry and the Powerful Women network has become an influential and well-supported cross-industry network advancing the work of our women leaders. Energy UK is also looking to set up an HR Leader’s Forum which can drive this positive change across all of the equality movements. 

In a continuation of the work Energy UK has done in promoting equality and diversity, we have established Pride in Energy – the LGBT+ network for the energy industry. The group will strive to not only provide a forum for LGBT+ individuals in the industry, but also to help companies embody values and working practices through a series of workshops. 

As an industry which contributes 619,000 jobs, 5% of GDP and over 2% of all jobs in the UK, the energy sector has - despite the efforts of a number of companies - not been well represented on equality indices such as the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. Such indices provide an accurate representation of not only how attractive an industry is to those looking to work within it but also the extent of the support provided to those already working within it. Pride in Energy aims to remedy this, by building best practice in to the operations of energy companies and providing a platform for LGBT+ people working in the sector. 

Energy UK and Pride in Energy will be hosting a series of meetings and events to further support progress for equality and diversity across the industry. The group has also secured a place in the London Pride March and we’d encourage all of those who are interested in hearing more about Pride in Energy, our events or sponsoring the network to go to our website here or get in touch with Joshua Atkins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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