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Energy UK supports BVRLA report calling for a new policy on motoring taxation

Commenting on the "Road to Zero: time to shift gear on tax" report which we contributed to and was published by the BVRLA today, Energy UK’s Director of Policy, Audrey Gallacher said:

“Electric vehicles, powered by increasingly low carbon electricity, are now the cleanest choice to make and will be an ever more common sight on UK roads through the 2020s. BVRLA’s report shines a light on some of the changes that will occur as a result, in particular, the impact on government revenue. 

“Energy UK is clear that we must avoid blunt recovery methods such as transferring existing vehicle taxes onto electricity bills – a highly regressive approach that would negatively impact vulnerable customers – and instead examine in detail the potential for more sophisticated and smarter options as highlighted in the report.”


•    Press release from the BVRLA: It’s time to shift gear on motoring tax
•    Report: Road to Zero: time to shift gear on tax

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