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Energy UK comments on proposed smart metering modifications

Commenting on proposed smart metering modifications in relation to the role of networks, Energy UK's Chief Executive, Emma Pinchbeck said:

"Given their critical role in enabling us to continue the transition to net zero at lowest cost to consumers, Energy UK continues to strongly support both the roll out of smart meters across the UK and continued uptake of low carbon transport. Our members already offer a range of products that save customers money, maximise the use of low carbon generation and address networks’ concerns over security of supply - most of which require smart meters to operate.

"This rapidly developing market for smart energy services, in which the UK is a global leader, requires consumer confidence and positive customer experiences to continue to grow, and these proposals risk undermining both of those outcomes.

"For proposals to be made in a manner that addresses these concerns, BEIS and Ofgem should proactively and transparently explore the options for addressing any concern over network security ahead of technical proposals being progressed."


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