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We bust five myths about switching energy provider

As new figures show switching is catching on, we bust five myths about switching energy provider.

Think you’ve got your reasons for not switching energy providers? Think again. Figures released today show that in June alone, 400,000 customers made the switch in search of a better energy deal.

One year ago thirteen energy companies launched the Energy Switch Guarantee, a commitment that promises a speedy and safe switch from one energy provider to another.

Now, ever-increasing numbers of consumers are switching to get a better deal – and it really isn’t too much hassle. The industry has upped its game, and it’s now simple, speedy and safe to change providers.

Summer is a great time to shop around for a better deal – so you can switch and save before winter hits. We’ve busted five myths about switching to help you join the 2.6 million people who’ve already made the smart choice to look for cheaper bills this year.

I haven’t got time
It can take as little as 15 minutes to find a better energy deal. Simply contact your current supplier to make sure you’re on the best deal, or use an accredited Price Comparison Website to find another provider that offers you a better deal. Tell them you want to move to them and they will do the rest.

It’s too much hassle
The only thing you need is your energy bill. This contains all the information your new supplier will need to have.

They’re all the same
With so many deals out there and over 50 suppliers in the market, now really is the best time to switch. Whether you’re looking to save money or seeking a better standard of customer service, the Energy Switch Guarantee lets you switch with absolute confidence.

Something is bound to go wrong
All energy providers use the same wires and pipes so there is no risk of your energy supply being interrupted. Once you have signed up to switch, your new and current energy providers will work together to make sure you are not charged twice for the same energy.

It will cost me money
Switching won’t cost you a penny. Your new energy provider will send you details of your new energy supply agreement for you to check, and you will have 14 days to change your mind. If you cancel within this time, you will stay with your current provider. If there are any problems with the switch, your new provider will contact you as soon as possible and will be responsible for putting the matter right.

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