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Updated response from Energy UK to Energy Security Strategy

Responding to the Government’s announcement on the Energy Security Strategy, Energy UK’s chief executive, Emma Pinchbeck said:

“Our industry is committed to delivering a Net Zero power system during the next decade and the ambitions and targets set out in the Strategy will help us deliver that.

“The quickest and cheapest route to ensuring UK energy security is also the green one through accelerating the deployment of domestic clean power sources and reducing our reliance on volatile international gas. One of the most important parts of the Strategy will be how we increase the pace of deployment and remove the barriers and delays that currently exist.

“As the Government said, this is a strategy for ensuring security of supply over the medium term but we would like to have seen a stronger push on technologies that can deliver sooner than that, such as onshore wind and solar. A focus on energy supply also needs to be combined with efforts to reduce our gas demand, through measures like insulation, green heating, and flexible, smart technologies that make our whole energy system more efficient, cleaner and cheaper to run.

“And given that even the speediest deployment won’t reduce bills over the coming months, we firmly believe that the Government will need to step in with further help for customers.”  

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