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For Suppliers – Why Become Signatory?

Membership to the Guarantee provides signatories recognition as well as a forum to strategize and review the industry-led switching standard.


Membership to the Guarantee is recognized with an extra 3 stars towards the customer guarantees element of the Citizens Advice energy supplier rating table.

Ofgem, Citizens Advice, the Ombudsman and BEIS are keen to see more energy providers who meet the Guarantee’s high standards sign up.


Signatory board meetings provide a forum in which to identify and resolve switching issues as well as evolve and improve the Guarantee in consideration of such contexts.


Signatories regularly review the workings of Guarantee and in reaction to regulatory and industry developments to ensure that it spurs healthy competition and promotes best practice.

An improved switching process can reduce real or perceived switching costs and increase consumer engagement.

All licensed electricity and gas energy providers who meet the compliance requirements of the Guarantee are eligible to become signatories. If you would like to enquire about joining as a signatory, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What our members are saying about the Guarantee 

“EDF Energy is committed to providing fast and reliable switching to customers. Being a member of the Energy Switch Guarantee enables us to work with others in the industry to remove barriers to switching and improve customer satisfaction, helping deliver on the switch guarantee promise to offer safe, speedy and reliable switching.”  EDF Energy

“At Octopus Energy, we’ve been enthusiastic signatories of the Energy Switch Guarantee for the past number of years. We believe it’s crucial to give consumers faith in the switching process and set important expectations for the service delivered when they change suppliers. In the future, we foresee the Energy Switch Guarantee to be fundamental in driving even higher standards.” Octopus Energy

Energy Switch Guarantee Trial Membership

The Energy Switch Guarantee has introduced a trial membership option designed to encourage small suppliers and new market entrants to join the scheme at the appropriate level. Trial membership is aimed at suppliers with low levels of leaving customers (<500) who are subsequently unable to display clear compliance with the KPIs on final bills and credit refunds in their application.

To join as trial members, the supplier must display compliance with all three KPI, whilst it will be understood that such fulfilment of KPI3a on final bills and KPI4a on credit refunds reflects compliance of limited evidence. Consequently, trial members will only receive two stars towards the customer guarantees element of the Citizens Advice energy supplier rating. They will also not be able to refer to themselves as ESG signatories in their communications with consumers until they have been awarded full membership status.

Full membership status can be achieved once the trial supplier is able to display compliance to all three KPIs for >500 leaving customers in a 3-month period.

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