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Switching with the ESG is simple, speedy and safe

We have all had little choice but to spend a lot more time indoors over the past year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly at this time of year, it’s underlined quite how essential heat, light and power are to our home lives and why it’s so important to have a dynamic retail market offering choice and competitive prices to customers.

Millions of people – a record 6.4 million in 2019 and a total of 6 million in 2020 despite the pandemic – make the most of what the market has to offer every year and switch to save money but for those who haven’t taken the plunge yet, it may well be that some enduring myths surrounding the process of switching are putting them off…; that it is too much of a hassle, for example, or that the savings on offer do not balance out the effort of switching. So let’s put that right!

Back in 2016, Energy UK launched the Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG), an industry initiative aimed at making the switching process speedy, simple and safe for consumers while tackling these misconceptions. Signatory suppliers make 10 voluntary commitments, guaranteeing customers a fast, reliable and hassle-free switch completed within 21 days, with final bills being the responsibility of your current provider to handle promptly. The Guarantee therefore helps increase confidence in the switching process – boosting competition and choice and helping customers find the best deal for them.

The Guarantee covers nearly 80% of the market so choose one of our signatories and you’ll find these common myths on switching are well, myths!

Myth: Switching is complicated, time-consuming and a hassle.

It might take as little as 15 minutes to switch suppliers. Before you compare the market, you’ll need to know your energy consumption and how much you are paying. You’ll only need your latest energy bill at hand to find all the information you need or an Annual Statement. Contact your energy company if you don’t have your latest bill.

You can compare suppliers and tariffs by using an accredited energy comparison website or the Citizens Advice energy comparison tool, the criteria you use can vary from price, customer service or green tariffs…

Once you have identified the right supplier, contact them via the phone, their website, email or even through an app (in some cases) or use one of the accredited websites to switch. If your new supplier has signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee, they will then work with your previous supplier to complete the switch in 21 days or fewer. Switching energy supplier is simple, speedy and safe – and your new supplier will handle the switch for you.

Myth: All energy companies are the same. Switching is not worth it.

Switching supplier can help save hundreds of pounds a year on your energy bills. So it’s well worth spending 15 minutes to make sure you’re on the best deal for you.

The product coming through your wires and pipes might be the same, but with over 50 suppliers in the market, there are plenty of other areas you might want to consider, for example, customer service, price and type of tariff. There are hundreds of deals on offer out there – so it is well worth checking you are with the right supplier – and the right tariff – for you.

Myth: My supply could be cut off.

All energy suppliers use the same pipes and power lines to keep the lights on in your home and at work. There is no risk to your supply being cut off at any stage – whatever you choose to do. Only your supplier will change, while the energy will continue flowing uninterrupted to your home.

Switching energy supplier is simple, hassle-free and well worth the time it takes to find the right deal.

Find out more about switching to an Energy Switch Guarantee supplier and make the switch now.

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