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Compliance Decisions

If a Signatory reaches Stage 3 of the Non-Compliance Process, they are referred to the Compliance Committee for a hearing. The Compliance Committee consists of the Independent Chair of the ESG, a senior representative from Energy UK and a senior representative from Citizens Advice. The Committee is responsible for deciding whether or not the Signatory is in breach of the Guarantee and approving the most appropriate action to be taken. Appropriate action could include an improvement plan, an audit to understand the issue further and or confirm actions have been taken to prevent a future breach, suspension or termination. You can find the decision statements from past compliance hearings below:

Q4 – 2018 Bulb ESG Compliance Hearing Decision Statement

Q4 – 2018 OVO ESG Compliance Meeting Decision Statement

Q4 – 2018 Tonik Energy ESG Compliance Meeting Decision Statement

Q2 – 2019 British Gas ESG Compliance Meeting Decision Statement

Q1 – 2020 ENSTROGA ESG Compliance Meeting Decision Statement

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