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About NESH

The New Energy Services and Heat (NESH) Committee’s work has continued to put Energy UK at the forefront of policy development on low carbon transport, low carbon heat and smart systems & flexibility. 

This year has seen the Government and Ofgem joint Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan progress report, the establishment of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Energy Taskforce and the continuing debate, despite the publication of the Clean Growth Strategy, on how best to decarbonise heating.

The NESH Committee has led Energy UK’s messaging on heat, transport and flexibility, continuing to develop a close relationship with government and regulator by hosting a range of BEIS, OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) and Ofgem representatives. NESH has enabled Energy UK to publicly push for better support and direction from government in decarbonising heat and transport and for modernising the energy system to enable the UK to become a global leader in these areas.

Our work in NESH areas has attracted several new members to join Energy UK, and also to build closer relationships and alliances from both within and outside the energy sector, for instance, we have been working closely with WWF on the uptake of electric vehicles and demonstrating to government the benefits an early roll out of EVs could bring. This year also saw the Committee publish a paper and consultation on smart EV charging standards and reports recommending near-term actions for decarbonising heat and resolving uncertainty in the provision of flexibility. NESH has also established a forum for EV charge point operators and taken on a leadership role in the Government’s EV Energy Taskforce.

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