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For many years the energy industry has been working hard to develop best practice and improve the service it offers to its customers and in particular for vulnerable customers.

Last year the independently-chaired Commission for Vulnerable Customers made a number of recommendations of how to do this.

This has led to the development of the Vulnerability Commitment which a wide range of suppliers have already signed up to. The commitment expands upon and replaces existing commitments such as the Safety Net and Prepayment Meter Principles.

The new commitment has been developed in consultation with energy suppliers, consumer and charity groups, the energy regulator as well as with vulnerable customers themselves to ensure its purpose and aims are clearly understood and relevant to their needs.

Suppliers have agreed to meet the commitment from 1st January 2021. An independent expert panel will assess each supplier’s performance against the Vulnerability Commitment under the criteria of accessibility, collaboration and innovation.

You can access the full Vulnerability Commitment here.

The energy suppliers who have so far signed up to the Vulnerability Commitment are:

Some customers purchase their energy through a White Label company, which is partnered with a licensed supplier to offer energy through its own brand. Arrangements vary as to how far a White Label delivers customer-facing activities, however there is a regulatory requirement for the licensed supplier to ensure that the White Label does not operate in a way which breaks the rules in the supply licence. A supplier’s membership of the Vulnerability Commitment includes any White Labels.

White Labels of energy suppliers who are signed up to the Vulnerability Commitment include:

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