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18 August 2015

Energy bills: a guide for business customers What is the definition of a micro-business? The Consumers, Estate Agents and Redress Act (1 December 2011) defines a micro-business as one which: • uses less than 200,000 kWh of gas or 55,000 kWh
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06 December 2012

Period of time covered by the bill The gas/electricity that you used between these dates is what you are being charged for in this bill. Account number/ customer reference This number is unique to your account and will usually be near the top of your
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14 October 2011

Power stations expected to close before 2025 A number of coal- and oil-fired power stations are due to close by the end of 2015 as they have opted out of the Large Combustion Plants Directive (LCPD). These plants may shut sooner if they have already used
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02 December 2010
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