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Green Deal

ERA view on key Green Deal processes and data flows (v1) Introduction This document sets out ERA’s view on how key Green Deal processes will work and what key data flows should contain. While the below covers most key processes within the Green Deal,

HIGH LEVEL REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATION Green Deal Central Charge Database & Energy Supplier / Financier Payment Remittance Interface Revision History Revisio n Stat us Authors Comments 0.1 12 July 2011 Draf t Philip Lewis Mike Thomas For

ERA considerations on governance of Green Deal systems required to meet Energy Supplier’s mandated function 4 August 2011 1. Introduction 1.1 This note sets out Energy Suppliers’ views on governance of cross-industry systems that are required in

ERA briefing note for Government and potential Green Deal financiers on energy debt collection processes August 2011 1 Background The way that energy suppliers collect debt and deal with indebted customers has significant implications for the Green

GD_MDD Pari Passu v0 4 030811.doc GREEN DEAL: MDD (FIXED Monthly) and PARI PASSU Aims: GD MDD and Pari Passu  Meet the spirit of pari passu: the pro rata apportionment of customer payment between electricity and GD billed amounts e.g. Electricity

Draft Principles for the application of paripassu recovery of Green Deal charges and arrears across industry (V2) 2 Aug Introduction 1. This document sets out Energy Suppliers’ high-level view on the principles that should govern the pari-passu
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