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Implementing the Energy Efficiency Directive provision for easy access to 24 months of daily/weekly/monthly/annual consumption data for consumers with smart meters – Consultation Document Executive Summary Energy UK is the new trade association for

Smart Meter Testing & Trialling Discussion Paper ERA – SRSM Group 2.7 7th December 2011 Introduction Recognising the criticality of a successful test and trial phase within the Smart Meter programme the ERA members have brought together a group of

The ERA’s Privacy Commitments for Smart Metering: Why has the ERA developed a set of privacy commitments?    These commitments have been developed to provide energy consumers with information about what information is collected from smart

  This document describes the output report structure expected from this year’s joint working.  Report structure:  1. Introduction  We  have  defined  the  requirements,  now  we  are  building  on  this  to  consider 

ENA/ERA Joint Working Group – Smart Demand Response Drivers, Benefits & Requirements 11 September 2011 1. Introduction This document has been produced to present a joint network and supplier view of the drivers and benefits of Smart Demand Response

Smart Meter Payment (Pay as You Go) Options Purchase from a Vendor Online Purchase No requirement for all Suppliers to offer all options – each will specify and procure their own payment service provision. Key Assumption Via Home Display Via
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