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EUK Website Banner Image The Clean Growth Gap Report


The Clean Growth Gap

Energy UK’s The Clean Growth Gap series of reports and analyses looks at how the UK can once again lead the way in attracting investment in clean energy and respond to the challenge posed by growing competition from the USA and Europe. Across five papers, it considers how the UK compares with countries leading the way in supporting their clean technology sectors and what we need to do to get back on track.  

1. How low carbon energy investment can transform the UK 

The first paper in the series launches the project and highlights the challenges in attracting the huge amount of private sector investment required to fund the energy transition but also the opportunity it offers to transform the UK’s economy and bring jobs, skills and growth to the areas of the country that need them most. 

2. Funding the Future – the UK’s energy transition in a global context 

The second paper in the series examines in depth the scale of support that is available for clean investment around in the world, including in the US, EU and China and how it compares to the UK. It also sets out what strengths the UK should build on as it enters the next phase of the energy transition. 

3. Path to Prosperity – the dividends of clean energy investment:

The third report explores how Government can set the UK on a path that will see the economy expand significantly, creating hundreds of thousands of additional jobs, as well as meeting our climate goals.

EUK CGG1 Transformational Net Zero brings additional GVA equal to manufacturing sector compared to baseline 2

4. Community Capital – How winning Globally delivers Locally

Community Capital” is the fourth report in Energy UK’s “The Clean Growth Gap” series which explores how different regions of the UK could benefit from the energy transition by building on existing strengths.

5. Accelerating Action – Closing the Green Growth Gap

The fifth and final report of the Clean Growth Gap series highlights the investment opportunities in the UK for clean energy technologies, at a time when the UK Government is at a crossroads in its plans for green growth.

Accelerating Action Seven Recommendations

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