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It’s policy development… but not as we know it

Energy UK has a number of policy committees and working groups which focus on various areas. But we’re now starting to draw our inspiration from further afield.

Our Breakfast Briefings for 2016 are well underway. The first paid-for event took place on Thursday 25 February. The Briefing focused on how to bring on new gas generation. It was a happy coincidence that the following week saw the announcement of the reforms to the Capacity Market that might do just that!

Next on the agenda is a Breakfast Briefing on the transition towards principles-based regulation. The Briefing will take place in April and the speakers include the regulator and the industry. Keep an eye on our events pages for further details.

More events will follow throughout the year on various topics including the future of heat, transport and the ‘whole system’ approach to energy. Breakfast Briefings add to our rich policy work and provide attendees with an opportunity to plug in to our development of industry positions so come along.

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