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Make sure you know what help is available this Benefits Awareness Month

Customers may be struggling with their energy bills unnecessarily Energy UK said at the start of Benefits Awareness Month. The energy sector is working to help people find the benefits to which they are entitled. There are grants and schemes for customers offering assistance - from help installing energy efficiency measures to taking money directly off the bill. Through these schemes customers having difficulty with their bills can make a real terms cut in their energy.

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Mayor of London launches energy efficiency competition

Energy UK welcomes the Mayor of London's invitation to London’s small businesses to come up with a solution to reduce London’s electricity use at peak times. The aim is to reduce the likelihood of blackouts by encouraging households to avoid the hours of peak demand.

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Energy UK's response to Energy Ombudsman first quarter complaint figures

"Most customers have no problems with their energy company, but in an industry serving 27 million, occasionally things do go wrong. If a customer has any concerns relating to their bills, they should contact their provider as soon as they can, and if possible have an up to date meter reading to hand which will ensure their bill is as accurate as possible. Energy companies work very hard to resolve problems and most complaints are fixed within a few working days with no more than a phone call.

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Energy UK welcomes new information on customers

"Energy is getting clearer and simpler to understand as the next stage of the Retail Market Review takes effect tomorrow. New tools will give customers more information and make it easier for customers to find the best deal and manage their energy use. 

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Energy UK response to Ofgem's Market Assessment

“The UK energy market is increasingly competitive with more companies vying for customer business. Three-and-a-half million households switched suppliers last year and increasing numbers of people are trying out deals from smaller suppliers. Earlier Ofgem reforms are rolling out right now, improving things for both customers and the wholesale market.

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Smart meters help pre-payment customers

Smart meters will revolutionise the way pre-payment customers get the most from with their energy company, Energy UK said. Smart meters communicate with energy companies in near real time. So they get up to date information on customers’ energy use helping customers get a better service.

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Energy gets even simpler, fairer and clearer

The energy sector is becoming even simpler and clearer as more reforms come into effect next week. Following Ofgem’s Retail Market Review, it is getting easier for customers to understand their bills and find the best deal for them.  In addition, supplier will take the initiative and tell customers if there is a cheaper deal on offer. The latest set of reforms is being launched on Monday so keep an eye out for more information.

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Competition in energy increasing

Competition in the UK energy market is increasing new research has shown. An independent report for Energy UK reveals that competition is not only increasing, but gathering speed with more and more companies supplying gas and electricity to homes and businesses.  Medium and smaller suppliers now account for a higher market share of the household electricity, gas and dual markets and levels are now the highest they have ever been since competition started in the late 1990s.

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