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More customers switch and prepare for winter

Electricity shoppers are planning for winter and more are switching to get a good deal. In September, nearly 260,000 households switched with nearly half of the total moving electricity provider choosing a small supplier.

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Energy UK response to Ofgem's consultation on regulating non-domestic Third Party Intermediaries

Energy UK, in its response to Ofgem’s consultation on proposals for regulating non-domestic Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs), called for an Ofgem-led Code of Practice to police the Third Party Intermediary market in energy until direct relation can be put in place. The response also called for a code of practice that ensures transparency on price and commission to make sure customer advice remains unbiased. However, Energy UK also highlighted that the majority of TPIs do treat customers fairly and that regulation should not inhibit competition and choice for the customer.

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Two million households choose small suppliers

Over two million customers are buying their electricity from small suppliers, according to new figures from Energy UK. More than one million of those gains took place in the last 12 months. Latest figures show that since November around 100,000 customers every month have moved to smaller providers. July saw 96,866 households move to small suppliers - 42.95% of overall switches. Electricity switching across the sector has remained strong with more than 225,000 households moving each month.

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Quarterly report shows growth of smaller suppliers

The Cornwall Energy report for February, March and April 2014 shows that the market share of the largest companies continues to be challenged by smaller companies, the number of suppliers in the market has increased and the size of the UK market has grown. The report, published by Energy UK, shows that the largest companies share of the dual fuel market has fallen to 92.2%. The number of domestic suppliers is at an all-time high of 25 companies. 

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