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Energy UK response to the Which? report on customer satisfaction

“Our members are well aware that customer service - along with attractive deals and prices - is at the heart of what their customers are looking for. This is helping drive the sustained increase in switching we are seeing in the energy sector. Energy companies know they are operating in a competitive market and are working hard to improve what they offer.

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Lawrence Slade addresses the Utilities and Telecoms conference 2014

Lawrence Slade, chief operating officer of Energy UK, spoke at the Utilities and Telecoms conference 2014 in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. As part of an afternoon session, Lawrence discussed energy pricing, competition, fuel poverty and transparency alongside other leading members of the industry.

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Young Energy Professionals head to Birmingham

Energy UK held the latest gathering of the Young Energy Professionals Forum at the Elgar Concert Hall in Birmingham on Thursday 18 September. The event featured a range of speakers, including Energy UK’s Alun Rees, who will debated the motion; “this house believes that trust can be rebuilt in the Energy Market”.

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Energy UK response to Caroline Flint

In response to Caroline Flint's speech at the Labour Party Conference, Energy UK said:

“Proposals to focus more attention on energy efficiency for UK households could see customers benefit from warmer homes and lower bills. We have been pushing for change and these proposals represent a step in the right direction.

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Energy UK response to Ofgem

In response to Ofgem's report on complaints handling, Energy UK said;

“Eight out of ten micro business customers are happy with their energy provider according to new research from Citizens’ Advice. This is good news and shows that when things are going well customer satisfaction soars but the energy industry is fully aware it needs to improve for domestic customers when thing go wrong. Handling complaints well is a must. Suppliers are committed to improving and a programme of change is underway.

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Response to Ofgem statement on comparison sites

In response to Ofgem's statement on comparison sites, Energy UK said:

“Switching can be a great way for customers to save money and find the best deal to suit them. This is why the industry has been working hard to make it simpler, easier and faster to switch. Comparison sites make it easy for people to shop around and it is encouraging to see that customers have been making good use of them.

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3.6 million British households eligible for home heating assistance

As people prepare for the cold winter ahead, new research reveals 3.6 million households in Great Britain are eligible for assistance from their energy supplier. The findings from Home Heat Helpline (0800 33 66 99), also outline local authorities throughout Britain that have the largest number of qualifying households.

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Energy UK comments on EU Air Quality package

Commenting on the EU Commission's new policy package on Air Quality announced today, Energy UK said:

"Air quality across Europe will continue to improve as a result of proposals revealed today to require member countries to take a joined up approach to cutting emissions. Energy UK said the energy industry would play its part by reducing emissions in a programme already set out up to 2020 and that it was sensible to set new targets for national emissions that were in line with other environmental aspirations out to 2030.    

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Energy UK comments on EU proposal for revised State aid guidelines

Commenting on the EU Commission's consultation on draft rules for state support in energy and environmental field, Energy UK said:

 "Energy companies need to have a stable and predictable regulatory framework if they are to invest in new power stations. That is why Energy UK  welcomes the proposals on State Aid Guidelines for energy and environment which the European Commission has put out for consultation today.

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