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What happens if my electricity meter behaves unexpectedly?

There may be instances, particularly with older meters where the dials or display may register incorrectly when new equipment is installed. If you notice this happening or you are concerned in any way about your existing electricity meter, please contact your supplier immediately.

It is likely that the supplier will want to exchange the meter to a more suitable type.

If there have been ongoing issues with a meter registering incorrectly, your supplier may have to estimate how energy you have used since you had new equipment installed. If this is the case suppliers have agreed that:

  • Any estimate will be based in previous consumption history
  • Any estimate will take into account the type and size of the generating equipment
  • Seasonality will be taken into account
  • Any estimate will be made after a review period after the meter had been exchanged
  • Customers will be treated in a fair and reasonable manner and where possible agreement will be reached with the customer prior to issuing a revised bill

In addition, suppliers will adopt the back billing for instances of any unbilled energy greater than 12 months old. For more information, please see the Billing Code Scenarios (PDF 350KB).

Ofgem and the National Measurement Office (NMO) have recently issued a joint letter setting out issues associated with when the meter behaves unexpectedly and expectations on industry parties. In addition, Ofgem published a domestic consumer factsheet to answer questions and assist consumers if they suspect their meter is behaving unexpectedly.



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