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Seasons Greetings from Energy UK


It goes without saying that it’s been a very busy and challenging year for our sector. Of course, energy doesn’t stop for Christmas but I hope you can still enjoy a well-earned break and celebrate precious time with your families and loved ones over the festive season.

Next year will bring more challenges but I am confident it can also herald a bright future for our industry and our customers.

Emma Pinchbeck
CEO, Energy UK

Suppliers Performance

The aim of the Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG) is to increase consumer confidence in switching, and to improve the speed and the ease of the switching process. It is in the interests of signatories and consumers alike that the reputation of the ESG is upheld. In order for the ESG to achieve its aims, it is essential that the KPIs underpinning it are consistently met by signatories. Signatories report on their performance every quarter to show that they are compliant with the standards of the Guarantee.

The administrator of the Guarantee measures each supplier against three main KPIs.

These are:

  • KPI 2a: Proportion of valid switches that are completed within the 21 days as specified by the Guarantee. The compliance level for this indicator is 98%.
  • KPI 3a: Proportion of final bills issued within the 6 weeks as specified by the Guarantee. The compliance level for this indicator is 90%.
  • KPI 4a: Proportion of credit refunds issued within the 14 days as specified by the Guarantee. The compliance level for this indicator is 90%.

Below is the overall performance of signatories of the Guarantee for Q2 2021 and Q3 2021. We are happy to see that the overall performance of signatories surpasses the compliance level on all three of the KPIs.

Click here to download the Q3 2021 KPI Data Table



KPI 2a
Switching Speed ≤ 21 Days

KPI 3a
Final Bills ≤ 6 weeks

KPI 4a
Credit Refunds ≤ 14 days

Overall Signatory
Performance – Q1 2021

99.1% 95.2% 98.0%

Overall Signatory
Performance – Q2 2021

99.3% 94.35% 97.7%

Vulnerability Commitment


For many years the energy industry has been working hard to develop best practice and improve the service it offers to its customers and in particular for vulnerable customers.

Last year the independently-chaired Commission for Vulnerable Customers made a number of recommendations of how to do this.

This has led to the development of the Vulnerability Commitment which a wide range of suppliers have already signed up to. The commitment expands upon and replaces existing commitments such as the Safety Net and Prepayment Meter Principles.

The new commitment has been developed in consultation with energy suppliers, consumer and charity groups, the energy regulator as well as with vulnerable customers themselves to ensure its purpose and aims are clearly understood and relevant to their needs.

Suppliers have agreed to meet the commitment from 1st January 2021. An independent expert panel will assess each supplier’s performance against the Vulnerability Commitment under the criteria of accessibility, collaboration and innovation.

You can access the full Vulnerability Commitment here.

The energy suppliers who have so far signed up to the Vulnerability Commitment are:

Some customers purchase their energy through a White Label company, which is partnered with a licensed supplier to offer energy through its own brand. Arrangements vary as to how far a White Label delivers customer-facing activities, however there is a regulatory requirement for the licensed supplier to ensure that the White Label does not operate in a way which breaks the rules in the supply licence. A supplier’s membership of the Vulnerability Commitment includes any White Labels.

White Labels of energy suppliers who are signed up to the Vulnerability Commitment include:

In Conversation With

The pandemic has delivered a huge blow to the economy and our daily lives. The need to kickstart our economy after this huge shock however presents an unprecedented opportunity – to accelerate progress towards Net Zero which will drive growth and benefit the economy, environment and customers.

In this new ‘Energy UK in Conversation With…’ series Emma Pinchbeck, the chief executive at Energy UK is joined by industry leaders, Government officials and stakeholders to discuss the Green Recovery and Net Zero target - and explore the role that the energy sector could play in powering the recovery.

The series builds on our recently published report, ‘Rebuilding the UK economy: fairer, cleaner, more resilient’, and the five key areas we have identified as crucial to powering the Green Recovery and achieving Net Zero by 2050.

View Series 1 here

Diversity in Energy Speakers Directory


Energy UK has always strived to drive forward positive change in the industry, including to make it a moreiverse and inclusive sector.  In light of the Black Lives Matters rallies in the UK and globally, and inequalities that remain within the sector, that we must go further, particularly in terms of increasing the representation of BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) people.

We will be creating the ‘Diversity in Energy Speakers Directory to highlight the plethora of experts from BAME backgrounds from right across the energy sector – drawing on our members and beyond – in generation to retail and new energy services such as heat, transport and smart systems flexibility. 


We want to highlight experts – from engineers to communications leaders, policy experts to campaigners – to help support event organisers and media outlets to broaden the range of voices and better represent people within the sector from BAME backgrounds.   We also hope this will help provide greater visibility for the BAME talent we have in the energy sector – an sector in the middle of an exciting transition and at the forefront of driving decarbonisation across the economy.

The energy sector is in transition to a low carbon energy system and if we want to meet our Net Zero target by 2050 we believe we will need a broad range of skills and the increase innovation that comes from a more diverse talent pool.  It is crucial that experts and voices from ethnic minorities are equally heard and better represented in the debate - from big industry conferences to media interviews. We believe that as a sector we can do better and this directory is a first small step in the right direction.

Get involved!

Sign up!  We would love to highlight as many speakers from across the sector from BAME groups.  We would also welcome your support in sharing news of the directory within your organisation to encourage colleagues to sign up, and share the directory via your social channels and networks using the hashtag #DiversityinEnergy

If you would like to register or get involved in this project please get in touch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



If you are looking for speakers on climate change, have a look at 'The Climate Reframe project' which highlights some of the best Black, Brown, Asian, People of Colour and UK based Indigenous Peoples who are climate experts, campaigners and advocates living and working in the UK.

Brexit Webinars

Energy UK, in collaboration with the international law firm Herbert Smith Freehills, offered a series of free webinars to provide advice on the regulatory and legal aspects that UK-based businesses need to consider as part of their no-deal preparations.

The series of four webinars, hosted by legal experts, focused on key areas for businesses to consider as part of preparations for the potential scenario should the UK would have left the EU without a deal on 31 October 2019. These ranged from cross-sector issues such as contracts and data protection to areas specific to the energy industry including trading energy and carbon pricing.

No-deal Brexit Forum

If you have any questions for our experts following any of our webinars, you can post these in our Forum.
Webinar delegates will be sent a one time access code after each webinar which they can use to register to access the forum.

1. No-deal Brexit preparations: Contractual Issues
Considerations for business in relation to contracts and other key cross-sector issues including employment and data protection.

Held: Thursday 17 October

This webinar looked at the implications for business a no-deal Brexit on existing and new contracts including in relation to:

  • Brexit related termination events
  • Interpretation issues for existing contracts
  • Key issues to consider for new contracts
  • Data protection compliance
  • Employment law, business travel and migration

2. No-deal Brexit preparations: Energy after Brexit
Considerations for businesses in relation to energy regulatory issues

Held: Wednesday 23 October

This webinar looked at the impact for business of a no-deal Brexit in relation to energy regulatory issues including:

  • Impact on trading energy (including market decoupling and REMIT regulations)
  • EU ETS and carbon pricing

3. No-deal Brexit preparations: Importing and Exporting
Considerations for business in relation to importing and exporting goods

Held: Thursday 24 October

This webinar looked at the impact for energy businesses of a no-deal Brexit in relation to importing and exporting goods:

  • General implications of trading under WTO rules;
  • Customs duties, tariffs, taxes and other requirements;
  • Customs procedures for import and export, including an introduction to the transitional simplified procedures;
  • Behind the border impacts where goods are imported.

4. Feedback and wrap up of previous topics and any other issues

Held: Tuesday 29 October

This webinar provided an opportunity to review any outstanding questions from previous webinars and explored any issues not previously covered where relevant.

Employees benefits

Energy UK is the trade association for the energy industry with over 100 members from across the broad spectrum of the sector.

We value our employees and actively support diversity and inclusion within our organisation, and the broader sector. Our organisational values are integrity, professionalism and communication and we aim to demonstrate these values in all we do. In return for your commitment and valued contribution we offer a strong benefits package alongside policies and initiatives to support thedevelopment and wellness of our staff.

For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Energy UK have been awarded Silver Accreditation by Investors in People.  We are proud that 87% of our people recognise that Energy UK is a good place to work.

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