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Market indicators show competition is growing in energy

Competition is increasing in the domestic energy market according to the latest report from Cornwall Energy. The number of customers buying their gas and electricity from small suppliers is on the up and there are more companies fighting for business than ever before.

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Energy jobs, tax & spending up as energy efficiency can cut bills

New figures published today show that the energy sector in the UK is currently investing £13.1 billion each year in new infrastructure. At the same time Powering the UK – a new publication for Energy UK – reveals that properly insulting home can result in halving domestic energy bills.

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Simple steps cut bills, says Energy UK

Being energy aware around the house can help customers cut their gas and electricity bills Energy UK chief executive Angela Knight said today as this year’s Big Energy Saving Week gets underway. Mrs Knight said that people were often unaware how small steps could lead to big savings and highlighted top energy saving tips which, together, could mount up:

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Switching sites must be transparent with customers

Switching sites should disclose how much commission they make and always show customers every deal available. There are more companies in the market than ever before offering a wide range of deals. However, the efforts of the industry to become more transparent and competitive are hindered if the rest of the energy retail community do not follow suit.

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