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Energy UK welcomes secondary EMR legislation

Electricity Market Reform (EMR) is an important milestone in the ongoing development of the market. These are the changes that are needed to bring investment from around the world into the UK. New electricity generators, new companies and more jobs is what EMR is all about.

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Energy UK statement on complaint figures

“Most customers are happy with their energy provider. But, in an industry which serves 27 million households, sometimes things can go wrong. If a customer has any concerns about their service, they should contact their supplier as soon as they can. Energy companies work very hard to resolve problems and most complaints are fixed within a few working days with no more than a phone call.

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Energy UK urges transparency from price comparison sites

Switching sites should be encouraged to say how much commission they charge energy suppliers. Comparison sites play an important role in the energy market allowing customers to find the best deal for them and save money by comparing deals and companies. They are quick and easy to use meaning customers can cut bills in no time. However, as the industry becomes more transparent, it is important that switching sites follow suit. 

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Communities benefit through energy partnerships: Knight

New legislation needs to go with the grain of what is working well and should not add additional burdens or greater costs to energy projects Energy UK said on Wednesday. 

This comes ahead of Government plans which look to strengthen the regime for ensuring communities have an active role in local schemes. The industry already does a great deal of work to engage local residents when developing new power plant both throughout the planning process but also by offering a chance to invest financially in their local infrastructure. There are already over 5,000 community energy projects across the UK and the industry undertakes all this work on a voluntary basis.

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Switching is becoming faster as choice increases

“Switching is already simple: just pop in your post code; pop in your how much gas and electricity you use - which is on every bill; and Bob’s your uncle. It’s as simple as that, as over quarter of a million customers find every month.

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Energy UK's statement in response to Ofgem's letter to suppliers on wholesale prices

In response to Ofgem's announcement asking suppliers to explain energy prices to customers, Energy UK said:

“Wholesale energy is just one of a number of costs outside of an energy company’s control, which make up a household bill.  All energy suppliers aim to hold costs as low as possible for as long as possible. There are now 24 domestic energy retailers in the UK. They buy gas and electricity months and even years in advance to smooth out the swings in the market.  When wholesale prices fall it can take time for bills to catch up as the gas and power may have been bought at a higher price some time ago.

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Energy UK response to Ofgem's Supply Market Indicator

Ofgem’s figures are estimates on earnings before tax and interest paid. The figures do not take into account the companies’ financing costs, the interest or the tax they are paying. More generally, the UK needs a healthy energy sector with companies that turn a profit. Profitability and investor confidence is vital at a time when the industry needs to attract a lot of investment, including up to £110bn in new electricity infrastructure between 2013 and 2020.

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Energy on the European agenda

As five hundred leaders from the electricity industry across the European Union gather in London for their annual convention Angela Knight, CEO of Energy UK - the host organisation - called for decisions about meeting energy needs to be made with sensible timescales and price tags attached. She said that recent EU elections had highlighted how views about the Union were shifting and this needed to be reflected in how energy decisions were taken.

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Check out your green deal provider before writing the cheque

Rogue traders may be conning thousands of homeowners out of money they want to spend on making their homes more energy efficient, Energy UK said today. People considering energy efficiency improvements to their homes should only use registered Green Deal providers. As part of Scams Awareness Month and Doorstep Selling Week, Energy UK is calling for increased awareness of sales scams which see people falling victim to schemes fraudulently using the Green Deal name to get people to part with their cash.

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Enjoy your bank holiday, safe from CO

It’s the second May bank holiday this weekend. The sun is out and summer is on its way. Many people like to enjoy the bank holiday with a BBQ or by going camping. If you do, make sure that you stay safe from the potential effects of carbon monoxide (CO).

BBQs and gas heaters both produce CO, a deadly gas that cannot be smelt, tasted or seen. When people use a BBQ in a tent, a caravan or under a canopy it can lead to a build-up of CO. Last summer saw a number of people falling ill after taking a BBQ or gas heater into a tent for warmth.

CO causes dizziness, nausea, breathlessness and a loss of consciousness. It can cause permanent brain damage and in some cases can be fatal. If you are going away this bank holiday weekend, take a portable CO alarm with you and make sure you use your fuel burning appliances safely in the open air. 

It is important to know the dangers of CO.  This bank holiday be aware and be safe.

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