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Competition within non-domestic energy markets on the up

New findings show the non-domestic electricity and gas markets are the most competitive they have ever been.  An independent report commissioned by Energy UK reveals that in recent years the number of active energy companies operating in the unconcentrated markets, and market shares outside the major suppliers, have contributed to an increase in competition.  This follows on from the first assessment, which found more companies have been supplying gas and electricity to homes across the UK.

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Energy UK's response to claims of an ECO windfall

“Energy suppliers are committed to delivering ECO as cost effectively as possible while complying with Ofgem’s rules and keeping customer service at the forefront of all their activities. The major companies have all already announced that they will pass on savings to customers following a restructure of ECO. These changes have highlighted the need to ensure policies are affordable to the customer. An independent evaluation of the first year of ECO, undertaken by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, predicted a delivery cost to be £1.54bn, without the proposed changes to ECO. This is over £200m more than originally predicted.

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It’s the Meter that Matters says Knight

Accurate meter readings are key to keeping control of your energy use and finding the best deal for you, Energy UK said today. Chief executive Angela Knight said that a regular meter check should be at the top of everyone’s to-do list.  Knight said customers need to understand the importance of sending accurate information to their energy company, as bills and energy deals are based on gas and electricity used. Energy companies will send estimated bills if they have no recent meter readings and this could mean customers paying more or less than is necessary.

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Be an Energy Shopper

Shopping around for the best energy deal can help customers control the cost of their heating and lighting so Energy UK is backing Ofgem’s new 'Be an Energy Shopper’ campaign. The energy industry has been working hard to reform the gas and electricity market - making things simpler, clearer and fairer. 

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Cut your emissions for Earth Day

Energy UK is encouraging everyone to improve their energy efficiency for Earth Day.  

As we take a day to consider the effect we have on the planet, people should be thinking about improving their energy efficiency and making the most out of the energy they use all year round, not just in the colder months.

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Do one DIY duty - fit an audible CO alarm

Spring holidays is a time for home improvement and tidying up. But the Easter bank holiday is also a time for domestic accidents as people fall from ladders, hit their thumbs with hammers and trip over pots of paint.

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Energy UK response to DECC's statement on faster switching

Energy UK said: “The energy industry believes in faster switching and will make it a reality for customers as quickly as we can and as soon as the legal and technical challenges are overcome.

Switching is already simple: just pop in your post code; pop in your how much gas and electricity you use - which is on every bill; and Bob’s your uncle. It’s as simple as that as over quarter of a million customers find every month.”

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Energy UK responds to DECC's consultation on ECO 1.2

In its response to DECC, Energy UK emphasises the importance of beginning planning for ECO post-2017 when the current system comes to an end. This is so the industry can avoid any breaks or unnecessary rises in costs for customers during the transition from one scheme to another. Energy UK also urged DECC to ensure policy certainty by sticking to plans laid out in the Autumn Statement 2013 as part of a long term framework.  

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Make sure you know what help is available this Benefits Awareness Month

Customers may be struggling with their energy bills unnecessarily Energy UK said at the start of Benefits Awareness Month. The energy sector is working to help people find the benefits to which they are entitled. There are grants and schemes for customers offering assistance - from help installing energy efficiency measures to taking money directly off the bill. Through these schemes customers having difficulty with their bills can make a real terms cut in their energy.

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Mayor of London launches energy efficiency competition

Energy UK welcomes the Mayor of London's invitation to London’s small businesses to come up with a solution to reduce London’s electricity use at peak times. The aim is to reduce the likelihood of blackouts by encouraging households to avoid the hours of peak demand.

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